Price: $350

Seller: bill
State: California
City: Firestone Park
Zip code: 90001
Type: Pets

lovely Siberians husky for adoption.text now (779) 429- ......Our Siberians Husky  are well known as a working dogs, pulling sleds great distances and herding reindeer. They can weigh up to 60 pounds at maturity. We have amazing puppies with wonderful coat colors, coat patterns and eye colors. Their strong, rigid bodies are covered by a thick, medium coat that comes in a variety of colors. Our dogs are very loyal to their family and make great pets.  So if you contacted us then you have made the best choice for your next family friend  and trust that you're getting your new friend  from someone who takes patience, time, and a very big heart in raising the puppies. No other creature asks so little and gives so much loyalty, companionship and love in return.