Price: $2,000

Seller: anta
State: California
City: Firestone Park
Zip code: 90001
Type: Pets

These dogs were originally bred to be vermin, fox and otter
hunters; bred for exceptional spunk, speed and intelligence. Sporty and agile, they can work a long day. They are now enjoying success in earthdog trials, obedience and agility. They are excellent companions.
Recognized Behavior Issues and Traits
These dogs are reported to be very alert, intelligent, devoted, independent and fun-loving. They thrive on close human contact. They are game to learn, courageous, and are fairly tolerant of strangers. They are high activity dogs. They like to dig and bark especially if bored, and are a good watchdog. As with any of the terrier type breeds, they can nip when irritated and need to be socialized early to other pets and children. Training should be gentle but firm and also start early. The coat should be periodically clipped or stripped to remove dead undercoat hairs.
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